Our Process


Our Project Managers serve as your primary point of contact and will facilitate meetings, schedules, and document reviews. They are charged with keeping the project on time and on budget.


We listen to you. We ask about your business goals. We learn your process and we ask about your pain points. Then we suggest ways of leveraging technology to help.


We create the look and feel of your site based on what we've learned about your goals at the Strategy stage.


We architect and develop our own solutions with our own staff developers. We don't sub-contract or outsource. The team in your proposal is the team that implements your solution and we bring that knowledge and experience to your next project. Our efficiency grows as our partnership grows.


Few teams share our unwavering commitment to quality. A surprising number of interactive solutions launch without formal testing. At Outsight, we employ professional Quality Assurance Analysts to develop and execute test scripts, manage any issues identified, verify fixes and support your launch.


We build all of our solutions with an eye to putting your team in control of your solution, but are available to assist on either a retainer or Time and Materials basis if technologies or business requirements change.


We try to understand where your business is headed. When planning your solution, when strategically possible, we will lay the foundation to accommodate your future needs to minimize re-work and make future projects run faster and smoother. As our partnership grows, so does our efficiency in working together.